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Do you guarantee work undertaken to my vehicle?

Yes, our work has a lifetime guarantee.

Why can delays arise during repairs?

The insurance company engineer may need to inspect the vehicle. Manufacturers parts may not be available, or may be subject to backorder. Additional parts may be identified during the course of repairs beyond the original assessment.

What payments am I responsible for before my car is returned?

Excess, VAT if you are registered, or if the policy holder is a company who is VAT registered. Damage to courtesy car (if applicable). Additional private work as requested. Any costs under the Road Traffic Acts (e.g. fines etc) and non-return of courtesy car within 24 hours of being informed of vehicle completion.

What happens if the insurance company do not approve all items of repair?

We are only able to undertake the work approved by the insurance company's engineer and other repairs would be subject to a private invoice.

Can I choose when I have my car delivered?

We will try to provided an indication of morning or afternoon delivery. It is very difficult to have an exact time due to road conditions and the time that the previous customer brings the courtesy cars back. We will endeavour to work with you on timings.

Who is responsible for the damage to courtesy cars provided by NCR Bodyshops?

Your own insurance policy is used for cover on the courtesy car and you are responsible for your own excess. We are able to offer you an excess waiver to reduce your liability.

Can I have a courtesy car if I am only insured third party or if I'm not making an insurance claim?

We can only offer you the services of Enterprise Rent a Car in these circumstances and they will be able to provide a wide range of vehicles and collision damage waiver as necessary. Alternatively you can purchase insurance to cover one of our own vehicles.

Is there any charge for the courtesy car?

No. The vehicle will have been subject to a pre-delivery inspection, but you are responsible for the petrol usage and the oil, water and tyres should be checked daily. If you require a larger vehicle then these may be available and an appropriate upgrade fee is payable.

Can I use the courtesy car for holidays, courses or extended travel?

No. Unless it's agreed at the outset that the duration of repairs would be for a period beyond your expected return date. None of our vehicles can leave the UK.

What if my courtesy car breaks down?

All cars are less than a year old and should carry manufacturers helpline numbers. If you cannot get help for any reason, call the customer service department during office hours.

What fuel do I use and is a refund available for unused petrol?

Most of the vehicles use unleaded petrol and no charge or refund is raised in respect of fuel. The petrol cap will have details clearly marked on it. All mistakes are to be rectified at your expense.

Who can drive the courtesy car?

The same people that are comprehensively covered on your own policy as long as driving licenses for all parties are produced.

Can I have a like for like vehicle while mine is being repaired?

No. The insurance companies do only stipulate the provision of a grade A vehicle. We can arrange an upgrade for a small charge. Full details are available from Enterprise Rent A Car and payment is made directly to them.

Not my fault!

If your accident was not your fault, you may be entitled to a like for like vehicle, depending upon your circumstances. Ask Customer Services for details.

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