Automotive Styling

Scuffs and minor repairs

Scuffs and minor repairs

Our SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) repair service allows us to paint small areas such as bumper scuffs and scratches without having to paint the entire panel. In most cases, cars dropped off at 8am will be ready for collection by 6pm. Ask a member of our team for an accurate estimate.
Partial Bumper Refinish
Prices from £65.00 + VAT
Partial Bumper Repair and Refinish
Prices from £95.00 + VAT
Whole Bumper Repairs and Refinish
Prices from £150.00 + VAT
Wing or Door Repair and Refinish
Prices from £165.00 + VAT
2 Wings or Doors Repair and Refinish
Prices from £220.00 + VAT
Door Mirror Cover Refinish
Prices from £30.00 + VAT
Alloy wheel refurbishment

Alloy wheel refurbishment

Your wheels can be repaired and refurbished to look as good as new. Repairs undertaken include: kerb and pot hole damage, chips, scrapes, scratches, corrosion and scuffs. Prices from £50 one wheel (10% off per each other wheel) + VAT
Valeting upgrades

Valeting upgrades

All of our customers get a complimentary wash and vac service. Take the opportunity to upgrade to our Silver and Gold valeting service to give your car a polished, pristine and immaculate feel. Silver - £10.00 + VAT • Gold - £25.00 + VAT

At NCR we take great pride in placing our customers first. My team are here to provide help and support in what can be a very distressing experience, and to ensure your vehicle is returned to its pre-accident condition.

Christine Maskill, Managing Director